Hi folks we have several families who have approached us and  are in need of food donations for both adults and children:-
  • Ready meals
  • Rice
  • Pastas
  • Cereals
  • Beans
  • Noodles
  • Pies
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit and veg
Also we would be grateful for:-
Toiletries for adults, Babies and Sanitary items
Baby Formula & Nappies
Anything else people would like to donate to our Y.S.H family's would be great!

A Heart felt Thank You!

Thankyou to everyone who helped make me able to give my son a belated birthday party and prezzie,,,


He loved his day and it was great to see him with a big smile on his face,,, he was spoilt ,,, an extra special thankyou to Donna Scott at Sapphyre's Sweet Treats for taking the time to make a cake for him. He thought it was great and it tasted lovely i will defo be recommending you.

Thankyou so much everyone i cant thank you all enough xxxx i could cry with happyness xxx

Christmas & Birthday all in One!

This is what we are about!!!
We would like to thank you all the donators that have helped make this possible for this Y.S.H family. This lad didn't have a Christmas or a birthday, due to circumstances beyond his mums control. His mum came to Y.S.H and we pulled all our resourses together to give him a birthday /Christmas party.
This is what we achieved. His mum was so greatful and emotional. And to be honest it was emotional for us but lovely to see. He had an amazing time and can't wait to show of his presents to his friends.
See this is what Y.S.H is all about helping those that need us.  We try our hardest to make the impossible for them possible.
He also absolutely loved the cake and so did the mum. So thank you Sapphyre's Sweet Treats for the cake donation.
(We have obscured his face for the sake of his dignity)

Success story #2

A young lad didn't have a Christmas or a birthday. So we decided to rally around again and decided to do a party.

We collected presents that were donated and party food. People also sent cards and a lovely Lady called Donna  made a lovely cake for him.

Success story #1

A man and his son were living in a B&B with only one small single room between them. They saw us advertised on Facebook he got in touch and told me and my wife his situation. The chap and his son had nothing for Christmas so we rallied round got donations of presents and a food hamper for both of them.

They had no food so we obtained them a microwave and some lovely food for Christmas thanks to a cafe who made a donation. He is now waiting to get his own house with his son.

So we have been putting items aside like a cooker, TV etc. for them to reduce the stress of what we hope will be a move for the better.


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